Scott Reed introduces Becca Gose, general counsel for OSU, in this month’s First Monday Update. “It’s not ‘who you gonna call,’ but ‘when are you gonna call,’” as Scott points out. The Office of General Counsel was essential to the process of bringing Outdoor School on board. The team is a resource to provide you with the legal advice to do your job. Becca shares scenarios where a call to her office is essential.

Do you have questions about how, or when, to use the General Counsel team? Start a conversation in the comment (reply) section.

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2 thoughts on “OSU’s Office of General Counsel is here to help

    • Lynn,

      Becca Gose responded to your question:

      “Great question! I recommend that you start with Viki Dimick-Jackson in Employee & Labor Relations (Office of Human Resources) with questions around the rules for classified employees and the in’s and out’s of the Collective Bargaining Agreements with SEIU or CGE.”

      Hope this is helpful.


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