Jim Johnson, senior associate dean and program leader for Forestry and Natural Resources (FNR) Extension, joins Scott Reed for the September Monday Update. Scott learns FNR’s secret for using time and FTE to effectively tackle statewide challenges.

How can we reserve FTE to address challenges that are beyond one person to solve and how can we work in teams to accomplish things that we can’t do individually. Share your thoughts by commenting on the blog.

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4 thoughts on “Creating teams to meet statewide challenges

  1. I appreciate Jim’s approach to teamwork. Several years ago, he invited me onto a Forestry team to address needs with volunteers (frequently land owners) who were on local and state Associations organized to impact Oregon’s forestry industry. Jim’s actions provided an important message, that occasionally we need to invite an outside expert onto our team. Thanks Jim and Scott.

  2. Fantastic! A couple OSU colleagues and I are hoping to take this same approach to address duplication and inefficient efforts in farm to school and youth garden programs. Over half of OSU Extension program staff we surveyed are working in Farm to School and youth garden efforts and identify it as important work. But without a small team leading the effort or a strategic plan to define our role and direct our resources, these efforts may ultimately be ineffectual or inefficient. Developing a strategic Farm to School & youth garden plan for OSU Extension could help us better reduce duplication of efforts, identify the limitations of our capacity, establish appropriate funding sources, and cultivate a more cost-effective investment of our time. I would love to learn more about how FNR has done their state-wide work and how it can inform our efforts! 🙂


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