Photo and video by Jill Wells

Family Community Health Extension Program Leader Roberta Riportella is taking the public health discussion upstream into the policy realm. All Extension programs have opportunities to collaborate and think in terms of health impacts. Learn more about her plans to tackle wicked public health concerns in this month’s First Monday Update.

Speaking of well-being, Vice Provost Scott Reed encourages you to describe what you are doing to take care of yourself and reenergize this summer. Share your plans in the comment section below.

The University Outreach and Engagement blog is reinstating People Profiles. This month, learn something about four of your colleagues: Amanda Gladics, Lynn Long, Charles Robinson and Michelle Sager. “Stop by” and say hello!

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8 thoughts on “Public Health Heads Upstream

  1. To take care of myself and my family this summer I am growing a huge garden which not only is good for myself mentally but also ensures we get the fresh delicious and healthy produce in our diets!

    • I am trying to have a decent garden this year, but I am fighting a battle against wildlife! We have a family of deer that has somehow penetrated the fences around my tomatoes and the random wild turkey that has decided to call our neighborhood home likes to eat our green onions that poke out of the fence. He also terrorizes my poor cats. They’re terrible guard cats!

  2. I tried to take care of my mental health by taking a break near Mount Hood on a lovely family/friends weekend getaway. Unfortunately I tripped, fell, and broke a rib.

    I can still hike, like I had planned to do a lot this summer in order to clear my head, but riding my bike has been difficult. I hope I can be healed well enough to do an annual charity bike ride in August!

  3. I am making sure to take days off in the summer to spend quality time with my family camping, boating and hiking!

    • That all sounds fun! Are there any specific outdoorsy spots that your family likes to visit? I’m always looking for new places to take my family.

  4. I took a much need break to our family cabin in the Rocky Mountains of Montana. Our cabin is at 5800 feet above sea level at the top of a mountain. It is also about 40 miles as a Crow flies from the epicenter of the 5.8 earthquake that occurred on July 5th. The cabin was “a rocking and a rolling” but no real damage. The interesting thing was we could hear the earthquake coming. This odd rumbling sound was followed by a pre-shake then the major shake, then a rumbling sound as the shaking stopped. Very exciting! We also felt 4 of the aftershocks which were actually not aftershocks but rather small quakes with their own epicenters. Fun times!

    • Lynette, is this the first earthquake you’ve experienced? I grew up in Santa Barbara and experienced different kinds of quakes: shakers and rolling. Both are disconcerting!

  5. I love reading the blog entries, and really glad that people are using our glorious summer to recharge! For my own escape, I have enjoyed time sailing, fishing and kayaking–anything around water!


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