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The new OSU brand is more than the new logo. A consistent and powerful brand will increase awareness and support for the university’s mission of teaching, research and outreach. Undeniably, some patience will be required as tools and resources become available, but there is information to help you adjust to the new brand.

Branding FAQ

Brand Guide

The first person* to tell us the official names of the primary colors in the comment section of the blog will receive some new brand swag! Brand colors can be found in the OSU brand guide.

*Staff and faculty who participated in the brand launch on April 24, or attended the Brand Conference on April 25, are ineligible to participate.

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12 thoughts on “Implementing the New OSU Brand

    • Wow Karley! That was FAST!

      You are correct! I will be in touch via email to setup a way to get you your prize!

      Jill Wells

  1. I really like the new logo and look forward to updating materials using these guidelines. As a reminder… Our friends in athletics would love if the old Beaver logo items were phased out across the state – the new Beaver logo (more fierce!) is the Beaver to use.

  2. The logo’s academic crest portrays the quality of Oregon State’s academic, research and outreach mission as a 21st century land grant university.
    The academic crest portrays the diverse geography of the state of Oregon and the university’s land, sea, space and sun grants.
    The Oregon state flag serves as inspiration.
    The beaver represents the university’s mascot and acknowledges that the beaver is also Oregon’s state animal.
    The open book and tree are symbols for knowledge, and the tree is also a symbol for Oregon.
    The three stars represent campuses in Corvallis, Bend and Newport, and Oregon’s founding as the 33rd state to join the union.
    1868 denotes the year of Oregon State’s founding and highlights the university’s nearly 150 years of service as Oregon’s statewide university.

    • Thank you for your response! You are the first and you are correct!

      I’ll be in touch on how to send you your prize.

  3. 1. Academic Crest portrays the quality of OSU’s academic, research and OUTREACH mission as a land grant.
    2. Crest portrays the geography of OR and the land, sea, space and sun grants of OSU.
    3. State Flag = Inspiration
    4. Beaver = University’s Mascot Benny + Beaver is our state animal
    5. Open Book and Tree= Knowledge..+ tree is a symbol for OR
    6. 3 Stars = our campuses at Corvallis, Bend & Newport…and OR’s founding as 33rd state to join the union
    7. (1868) = OSU’s year of founding

    • You are correct, but were just a smidge too late. I’m going to look to see if I can come up with a consolation prize.

  4. I uploaded the new logo to our Nursery Extension, Research, and Education Facebook page. I did note that the original size is slightly larger than the profile size. Unless I resize it, a small fraction of the beaver of the bottom of the crest will be clipped out by the profile box. This was the case using two separate browsers.


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