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We embrace and advocate for diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice” is a stated Value held by the Division of University Outreach and Engagement. Jane Waite, Senior Associate for Social Justice Learning and Engagement in the Office of Academic Affairs talked with Vice Provost Scott Reed about the excellent diversity, inclusion and social justice work the Division is doing in this month’s First Monday Video.

Scott and Jane mention the Division’s Diversity Catalyst Team (DCT), a task force appointed by Scott consisting of representatives from across the Division, in their discussion. The team works to articulate a vision and design and implement strategies to create a climate for change relative to diversity issues in higher education. Membership is open to any Division employee. Find more about the DCT here.

Share your comments about what you think the Division is doing well and where we need to do more diversity, equity and inclusion work.

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3 thoughts on “First Monday Video – May 2016

  1. Great idea to bring Jane Waite on as a guest. I think it is great that leadership has/will be attending social justice training and look forward to seeing further opportunities in this area.

  2. As the incoming Associate Dean for Outreach and Engagement in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences I am excited to see the leadership campus is supporting around social justice, diversity and inclusion. This is yet another reason I am certain joining this great team was the right decision. I’ll look forward to becoming part of this effort.

  3. Thanks to both Elizabeth and Roberta for their posts. This is important work, and it is why I am devoting several days to attend the ADVANCE seminar later this summer. Are there other ideas for advancing our collective learning?


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