NASA Funny TweetIf you want marketing inspiration, one the best sources I’ve found is Hubspot. I receive a weekly e-newsletter and their blog is loaded with good content. A post in the most recent newsletter shares examples of using humor in social media. Not all of us can be comics, but all of us can lighten our approach now and again. Right?

Take a few minutes to check out the 17 brands and how they engage audiences to stay in touch. In particular, because I’m a dog lover, I like Bissel’s (#pethappens). The “Bissel Has You Covered” video qualifies as research, doesn’t it?

Sushi Slippers for the person who has everything!

You can even find Valentine gifts for the favorite nerd in your life with this new Hubspot post.

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3 thoughts on “Bonus Marketing Blog: Using Humor in Social Media

  1. Really Humor is an excellent addition to your social media toolbox. It makes your brand memorable, invites conversation and improves shares, likes or retweets. I’ve always recommended being humorous when posting.


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