KaetyHildebrandName: Kaety Hildenbrand

Position: Extension Marine Fisheries Educator with Oregon Sea Grant

Hometown: Newport, Oregon

# of years at OSU: 11

Best part of your job: I love working with the commercial fishing fleet! I grew up in a commercial fishing family, and being able to work with fishermen brings a profound sense of connection and culture to my life. I have learned so much from the commercial fishermen that I work with, not just about fishing, and fisheries issues, but about life, love, and family.

Something someone might be surprised to know about you:  That my dad was the nation’s first marine extension agent. I actually work from the same office that he did. When I got the job 11 years ago, I pulled his old desk out of storage and still work from it today.

Favorite book/movie/album:

My favorite books are: Salt in Our Blood by Michele Longo-Eder, and Ferdinand, a children’s book that I love reading to my kids.

My favorite movies are: The Amercian President.


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