SilviaRondonName: Silvia Rondon

Position: Associate Professor, Extension Entomologist Specialist

Hometown: Lima, Peru (Hermiston, OR since 2005)

# of years at OSU: 8

Best part of your job:

Talk and meet people and FLC

Freedom !!! I love the idea to guide my program following the needs of my clientele.

Location !!!! Eastern Oregon is a “hidden” gem.

Co-workers !!! The people I work with at the HAREC are just great.

Something someone might be surprised to know about you:

I love music (good music): AC/DC, Creed, Artic Monkeys, oldies Billy Idol, and others. Soft side: John Mayer and Nora Jones J

Favorite book/movie/album:

Favorite book: Mi planta de naranja Lima (My plant or orange-lime) by Jose Mauro Vasconcelos. Movie: Serendipity and Star Wars.

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