BeccaHarverName: Rebecca Harver

Position: Volunteer Coordinator – Oregon Sea Grant

Hometown: Portland, OR

# of years at OSU: 6

Best part of your job: In addition to working alongside wonderful colleagues, I have the pleasure of working with enthusiastic volunteers, the public, and a variety of fascinating marine animals. Being based at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in such a dynamic environment allows me to learn something new everyday, which definitely keeps my position fresh and exciting.

Something someone might be surprised to know about you: I would karaoke everyday if I had the time and access!

Favorite book/movie/album: I have several favorites in each of these categories but felt greatly impacted years ago when I read the book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. My favorite album of 2013 was Hummingbird by Local Natives. Most of my favorite movies feature Bill Murray

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