KaetyHildebrandName: Kaety Hildenbrand

Position: Extension Marine Fisheries Educator with Oregon Sea Grant

Hometown: Newport, Oregon

# of years at OSU: 11

Best part of your job: I love working with the commercial fishing fleet! I grew up in a commercial fishing family, and being able to work with fishermen brings a profound sense of connection and culture to my life. I have learned so much from the commercial fishermen that I work with, not just about fishing, and fisheries issues, but about life, love, and family.

Something someone might be surprised to know about you:  That my dad was the nation’s first marine extension agent. I actually work from the same office that he did. When I got the job 11 years ago, I pulled his old desk out of storage and still work from it today.

Favorite book/movie/album:

My favorite books are: Salt in Our Blood by Michele Longo-Eder, and Ferdinand, a children’s book that I love reading to my kids.

My favorite movies are: The Amercian President.


SilviaRondonName: Silvia Rondon

Position: Associate Professor, Extension Entomologist Specialist

Hometown: Lima, Peru (Hermiston, OR since 2005)

# of years at OSU: 8

Best part of your job:

Talk and meet people and FLC

Freedom !!! I love the idea to guide my program following the needs of my clientele.

Location !!!! Eastern Oregon is a “hidden” gem.

Co-workers !!! The people I work with at the HAREC are just great.

Something someone might be surprised to know about you:

I love music (good music): AC/DC, Creed, Artic Monkeys, oldies Billy Idol, and others. Soft side: John Mayer and Nora Jones J

Favorite book/movie/album:

Favorite book: Mi planta de naranja Lima (My plant or orange-lime) by Jose Mauro Vasconcelos. Movie: Serendipity and Star Wars.

Smith-Lever Act CentennialThe first week in May is historic.

On May 8, 1914, the Smith-Lever Act was enacted that established outreach units at Land-grant universities across the nation. On May 8, 2014, a convocation in Washington, DC will commemorate this national policy and all the associated successes of taking knowledge to the people.

Learn more about plans to celebrate this important milestone.

As a member of the University Promotion and Tenure Committee, I spent significant time in the last month reading and discussing promotion and tenure dossiers for OSU faculty.

Undergirding all conversations about the more than 70 candidates was the question of scholarship. For faculty responsible for outreach and engagement, scholarship is demonstrated in diverse ways—unlike the conventional peer-refereed publications expected of researchers.  To qualify, scholarship must meet three criteria—1) original intellectual work 2) validated by peers, and 3) communicated. I am glad to report that faculty conducting engaged scholarship are recognized with career advancement. It is clear, though, that work remains to better define how peers are selected and how communication helps to implement associated innovations.

Two weeks ago at the Vice Provost Awards for Excellence luncheon, Dave, Deb and I distributed plaques and checks to several outstanding examples of engaged work. Congrats to all of this year’s recipients!



Q. The new Leadership Development Program for Executives is for faculty.  Are there thoughts for a strategic talent pipeline for staff?  Both for movement within the classified system and also from classified to professional faculty?  If we could increase retention of our many talented and dedicated staff, we would also better capitalize on the investment the Division has made in their hiring, training, and development.

A. What a great question! In fact, professional development, skill building and career advancement for division staff are critical to our collective success. While there are some campus-wide programs that include classified staff, we need to consider unique options for Outreach and Engagement, and I invite input and suggestions from all.

Should we consider a special internal development program? What should it contain? How about a job exchange or shadowing program that allows people to experience another setting? Maybe we should design an annual office tour that would spend a day on the road visiting off-campus division facilities. Internships? Your ideas are welcome.

BeccaHarverName: Rebecca Harver

Position: Volunteer Coordinator – Oregon Sea Grant

Hometown: Portland, OR

# of years at OSU: 6

Best part of your job: In addition to working alongside wonderful colleagues, I have the pleasure of working with enthusiastic volunteers, the public, and a variety of fascinating marine animals. Being based at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in such a dynamic environment allows me to learn something new everyday, which definitely keeps my position fresh and exciting.

Something someone might be surprised to know about you: I would karaoke everyday if I had the time and access!

Favorite book/movie/album: I have several favorites in each of these categories but felt greatly impacted years ago when I read the book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. My favorite album of 2013 was Hummingbird by Local Natives. Most of my favorite movies feature Bill Murray