Nicole StrongName: Nicole Strong

Position: Master Woodland Manager Program Coordinator; Women Owning Woodlands Program Coordinator; Senior Instructor, Forestry and Natural Resources

Hometown: I was a military “brat”; we lived all over the world. I’ve lived in Oregon longer then anywhere, and I consider this Home.

# of years at OSU: 8

Best part of your job: The people! Our clients are so inspiring, their creativity, dedication to forest stewardship, and their achievements in their non-forestry lives never ceases to astound me. Working statewide, I get to some pretty beautiful and remote places. I’m also really grateful for my co-workers. People go into Extension because they care about helping communities and people, and getting to collaborate with such positive people makes all the weekends and evenings worth it.

Something someone might be surprised to know about you: Most of the forestry community knows me for hurdling myself up and down mountains via bikes and skis, but they probably would be surprised to know that I play classical piano, and am an avid fan of the Central Oregon Symphony.

Favorite book/movie/album: Two of my favorite artists hail from the Pacific Northwest, Tom Robbins and Brandi Carlisle.