Victor VillegasName: Victor Villegas

Position: Technology & Media Support Coordinator

Hometown: Riverside, California

# of years at OSU: 1 year

Best part of your job: Helping people understand and use technology to improve their work and daily lives. I get to show others that technology is not scary and can actually be fun and amazing!

Something someone might be surprised to know about you: I learned how to fly an airplane when I was sixteen and was originally an Aeronautics major.

Favorite book/movie/album: My favorite book is “Yeager”, the autobiography by Chuck Yeager, the first man to break the sound barrier. My two favorite movies are “The Great Waldo Pepper” and “Top Gun”. My favorite album is “Tales from the Acoustic Planet” by Béla Fleck and the Flecktones, and friends.

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3 thoughts on “Victor Villegas

  1. Hey Victor,

    What kind of music are you into?
    I am approaching intermediate status (late beginner) on the guitar.
    Do you play with anyone?
    I actually know a couple of traditional songs from Mexico.
    I play mostly boomer stuff, Dylan, Beatles, the Dead, etc.


  2. Victor, you didn’t tell me you fly airplanes! Way cool. Take me up with you sometime. By the way, it’s 75 degrees here at 7am in Puerto Vallarta. Had to stick that in 🙂

  3. Hi Dan, I enjoy a variety of music, although usually the more eclectic the better, such as bagpipes and Hawaiian music…together! I also play a variety of instruments which I have collected and learned how to play. I’ve also taught beginning guitar, ukulele, percussion, saxophone and trumpet. I enjoy jamming with others and often play for church with my son and friends.

    Jeff, I haven’t flown real planes in ages, but I still enjoy flying virtually via flight simulators and R/C airplanes. 🙂


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