5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

Any business with a website should be thinking about how to get traffic to their page. One easy way is to have an effective landing page. When done properly landing pages can increase conversions and pull in new customers. Here are 5 tips for creating a high conversion landing page.

  • Know what kind of landing page you want to create

This first tip ties into what exactly your business is and what product/service you are selling. There are many different types of landing pages (single-product, multi-product, lead generation, subscription, single-purpose) all with different strategies to impact conversion, so knowing which kind you want to make is a good place to start. For example, if you are a clothing retailer maybe you want to use single-product to promote a new piece in your store. Or if you are a news publisher using a subscription landing page makes the most sense to increase monthly readers.

  • Use pictures

Nobody wants to read a big wall of text, especially on an ad or landing page. People tend to be more engaged when they have pictures to look at and the human brain can process images much quicker than words. Along with having lots of pictures they should be big and clear, meaning they are easy to understand what is being depicted in them. Make your images high-quality and professional looking. You can lose credibility with customers when your images don’t look like they were professionally done.

  • Design for usability and accessibility

When making a landing page you want to make it as easy as possible for the users to navigate. Any confusion or if it takes a while for people to get where they want to go they will immediately lose interest and move on. Some easy ways to do this is eliminate distractions. Try to make your landing page as clear and easy to follow as possible. You don’t want it to feel cluttered and crowded. Make your page easily clickable. For text that is linked make sure it stands out and that people know they can click on it.

  • Make it mobile friendly

A lot of people like browsing on their phones these days. I think we have all had a bad experience trying to navigate a website on mobile before. Super tiny buttons, the screen feels cluttered and hard to navigate. You want to avoid this frustration with your landing page. When creating it think about how it will look and feel on mobile. You may want to create a page for mobile first because mobile pages always convert well to desktop but desktop usually doesn’t convert well to mobile.

  • Include something about pain

This tip might sound a little weird at first but let me explain. It is human nature to want to avoid pain at any cost. So, you should try your best to play into this emotional reaction. Try to make the potential customer feel like they might miss out on something. Then you can mention how your product/service can stop this pain. A great way to bring pain into your landing page is using customer testimonials of before and after they used your service/product.

This concludes my 5 tips for creating a high conversion landing page. Hope you find this helpful.


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