If you like to walk around when using a tablet, you might want to obtain a hand strap. Using a hand strap will allow you hold your tablet with one hand and not worry about dropping it.

Enter the Padlette.

The Padlette is basically a big rubberband which attaches to your tablet by stretching over opposite corners, put your hand or fingers through the loops and… viola!

Check out the video for more info.



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2 thoughts on “Padlette – Hold Your Tablet Securely With One Hand

  1. Cute. Thanks for posting. I remember Mark Johnson having some kind of strap at Extension’s Spring Training when you guys did the iPad presentation with 3 presenter iPads and Apple TV. Very handy for walking around the room while presenting.

    • Yes, looks pretty handy. I can’t remember which version Mark had, but there are several of them out there, such as the Sleeve360. The limitation with some of them though is that they are attached to a case and you have to order the case specific to an iPad version, where as the Padlette can be used on several different iPads and it’s also cheaper. Of course,how many of us have multiple iPads?!! lol.

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