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Eco-Rep Spotlight

January 25th, 2018

Eco-reps are an Oregon State program that are responsible for encouraging a culture of sustainability in the residence halls in which they live. They educate residents about sustainable lifestyles and resources, assist with marketing and outreach, and plan and execute sustainability-focused events.  They also maintain their hall’s composting program. Last year, the Eco-Reps reached people an amazing 9,785 times and composted over 1,741 lbs. of material! In this series, we will spotlight each Eco Rep to help you learn more about who they are and what they do.

Name: Cat Cecilio

Residence Hall they work in:Wilson Hall

Hometown:San Jose, CA

Major/Future Plans:Environmental Engineering; A dream of hers is to go to another country (Nicaragua as an example) and help build systems that provide access to clean water

Previous involvement/interest in sustainability:Cat spent the summer after her junior year in high school in West Virginia learning about the effects of the mining and fracking industry in the Appalachia region. She learned and saw first hand what happens to water sources and the landscape after being exposed to mining and fracking. It inspired Cat to a pick a major that has something to do with the resolution of these issues and learn more about how to stop these injustices.

Favorite thing about being an EcoRep:The ability to connect with other people on campus that share a passion for sustainable practices and get to educate those in her residence hall about how to be more ecologically responsible.

Goals for the coming year:To reduce the amount of contamination in the residence halls recycling through new initiatives.

Interests in continuing involvement in sustainability on campus and how so:Cat is interested in picking up a minor or double major in sustainability so she can further her understanding in sustainability and what it truly means in our modern world.

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One response to “Eco-Rep Spotlight”

  1. Eco Stud says:

    Very cool post… and the pic looks awesome:-)

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