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Meet the #BeavsRecycle team!

June 16th, 2016

The #BeavsRecycle campaign is a movement that celebrates the high rates and long history of recycling at OSU. The campaign kicked off this last year on America Recycles Day, November 15, and was headed by the coordinators of the Waste Watchers, as well as two Waste Watcher volunteers. We spoke with the volunteers to see what got them on board:

Members of the BeavsRecycle committee are pictured.

The BeavsRecycle committee, pictured from left: Kyle Reed, Callie Limbaugh, Andrea Norris, Tyler Coleman, and Christine Melancon.

Q: What has been your favorite part of the #BeavsRecycle campaign this year?

Callie: My favorite part of the #BeavsRecycle campaign was talking to spokespeople and seeing that so many people on campus were not only willing to give their time to the campaign but that they were also passionate about recycling.

Q: Why did you join the campaign committee?

Christine: I joined the committee to meet new people who cared as much about the planet as I do, and to feel like I was having a positive impact on the OSU community.

Q: How did you get started recycling?

Callie: Since I was a little kid, my parents always took me with them to return cans, (yeah I was the annoying little kid at the can return.) It definitely had an impact on my future life and how I recycle.

Q: What would you like to see the campaign do in the future?

Christine: I would like to see the campaign grow to reach more people. I hope our events will be able to engage a lot of new people who aren’t as familiar with who we are and what we’re doing.

#BeavsRecycle is a campaign that celebrates the high rates and long history of recycling at OSU. The campaign is planned by the OSU Waste Watchers, a volunteer club run by Campus Recycling and the Student Sustainability Initiative.


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