Greetings, College of Engineering Students and Mentors!

This site offers a catalogue of resources to support your communications needs. Whether you’re working on a senior design project, completing an internship, or facilitating student success as a faculty mentor or industry partner,  we hope that you’ll take advantage of the variety of materials we’ve provided here.

This web collection is an on-going project, and content will be updated and expanded periodically. Browse the drop-down menu to find resources arranged by topic. You’ll find video tutorials, practice writing guides, external links to relevant materials, and posts where you can use the “comment” function to ask questions or add helpful suggestions.

In the future, we hope to include a scheduling link where you’ll be able to set up appointments with School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science faculty communications specialists to get help with your project needs.

Happy browsing,

Rachael Cate, PhD

Engineering Communications Instructor

School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Oregon State University | 1097 Kelley Engineering Center