On Tuesday, April 27th the April meeting of the Drupal on Rye usergroup was held.   There were 16 representatives from CWS, Web Communications, Extension, College of Ag, Sea Grant, CN, Center for Humanities, Microproducts Breakthrough Institute, Natural Resources Institute, and the College of Forestry.


  • New OSU Homepage Update – David Barner, Web Communications
  • Quick Bibliography Module Overview – Sher Fenn, CWS
  • DrupalCon Update (exact topic TBD) – CWS
  • Non-Drupal Topic – OSU Events Calendar (http://calendar.oregonstate.edu/)
  • Discussion
    • Drupal Training Policies – Attendance/Registration minimums
    • Known Issue (e.g. Drupal is Down) – How should CWS notify the community?
    • Open Forum

OSU Homepage

David Barner provided an overview of the new OSU Homepage that will be launching.  He spoke some about the backend that controls the content utilizing Drupal to author content and an interface built by CWS to publish the content to the website.  While Drupal will power the content of the new homepage, we are generating static files for display for performance reasons.  There is some information on how the structure works in the Homepage update on the Webcomm blog.

Bibliography Module

Sher provided an overview of the Bibliography module.  There are some manual steps to enable the permissions for this module if it is something you would like to use on your OSU Drupal website.  The instructions are detailed on the CWS website.  Bibliography Module has a significant number of configuration and setup options.  CWS is offering a course on just the Biblography Module’s use and configuration.


Sher provided a quick overview of the DrupalCon event.  Videos from most sessions are available at the DrupalCon session page.  If you’re looking for information on Drupal 7, Sher recommends watching the video from the Drupal 7, What you need to know session.

OSU Events Calendar

CWS is looking to plan a replacement to the OSU Events Calendar hosted at http://calendar.oregonstate.edu.  As part of that process, we have put together a high-level list of features for the new calendar.  This list is based upon current calendar functionality, requests from the community for the calendar over the past year or two, and some features that we think the calendar could use.

We will be visiting several key user groups of the calendar to discuss the feature list in detail, but we welcome feedback from anyone on campus regarding the calendar.  The list of requirements provided in hardcopy at the meeting is available from this post as PDF file.  CWS welcomes feedback on this directly to us at our contact page, as a comment on this blog, or as an email to one of the project managers.  CWS is requesting feedback by the end of May.

CWS Training Policy

Central Web Services has been providing Drupal training courses to campus at no cost.  However, we’ve seen some significant decrease in attendance at some our classes.  CWS will be focusing on providing classes to a minimum of 5 registered attendees.  When there are fewer than 5 students per class, CWS plans to cancel classes.


Meeting Video

Part 1 – Introduction and Agenda

Part 2 – OSU Homepage Update

Part 3 – Bibliography Module and DrupalCon Update

Part 4 – OSU Events Calendar and Open Discussion