April Media Clubs: Info and links

Below you will find the media shared in our April Media Clubs. Please post any additional resources/comments in the comments section of this post! 

Growing as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Champions
Host: Tina Dodge Vera, tina.dodge@oregonstate.edu, (541) 730-3541
Summary: This group was invited to view videos related to DEI each Monday in April. Videos range in length from 20 minutes to 1 hour 45 minutes and are meant to inspire reflection in DEI champions.

Week 1: Why aren’t there more black people in Oregon? A Hidden History by Walidah Imarisha
Week 2: Dr. Robin DiAngelo on White Fragility video
Week 3: Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story TedTalk
Week 4: Beyond Seats at the Table: Equity, Inclusion, and Collective Impact. A presentation by Vu Le, Executive Director Rainer Valley Corps

DEI in Local, Regional, and Community Food Systems
Host: Lauren Gwin, lauren.gwin@oregonstate.edu, (541) 737 1569
Summary: This group reviewed online articles and videos related to DEI in the local, regional, and community food systems movement, which were sent each week by Lauren, and discussed by the group over email and at a group Zoom meeting at the end of the month.

Week 1: Bobby J. Smith II, 2019, “Building emancipatory food power: Freedom Farms, Rocky Acres, and the struggle for food justice.” Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development.
Week 2:
1) FoodCorps: 3 Hard truths that will help your organization undo racism article
2) Farmworkers Who Pick Your Halo Mandarins Organize a Massive Labor Strike article
Week 3:
1) Agroecology: Vision, Practice, Movement video
2) The Dark Side of Innovation for Family Farmers, blog post from Agroecology Now!
Week 4: Voices of the Food Chain Project , Sharing stories of the country’s 20 million food workers, in their own words.

DEI in Technology and Youth STEM/STEAM Education
Host: Victor Villegas, Victor.Villegas@oregonstate.edu, (541) 737-8255
Summary: This group reviewed online articles and videos regarding diversity, equity and inclusion in technology and youth STEM/STEAM education. During the month of April, Victor sent links to an article or video at the beginning of each week, and participants discussed by email or 1:1 with Victor.

Week 1:
1) Thomas Franco: A Blocked Pathway: What it Means to Be a Minority in STEM video
2) Richard Tapia encourages underrepresented minorities in science video interview
Week 2: Rethinking Museum Visits: Issues of Representation and Accessibility article
Week 3: Reimagining publics and (non) participation: Exploring exclusion from science
communication through the experiences of low-income, minority ethnic groups
Week 4: MacArthur Geniuses: Overcoming Barriers to STEM EducationHosted by Benetech & The Commonwealth Club

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