The chemistry of Thanksgiving dinner – free webinar

Ever wondered about the chemistry behind a great Thanksgiving dinner? Here’s your chance to dazzle your friends with your knowledge of the esoteric and the practical chemistry of this national favorite.

The webinar is presented by Harold McGee and is part of the American Chemical Society’s “Joy of Science” Food Chemistry Series [link].

The series has included these topics

  • Advanced Beer Chemistry and Brewing
  • Cheers! The Chemistry of Wine
  • The Chemistry of Cheese and Why We Love It
  • Advanced Culinary Chemistry – Sizzles for the Summer
  • Advances and Innovations in Wine Chemistry
  • The Chemical Keys to Thanksgiving Dinner [you can register here]

with Top Five Chemistry Tips for the Kitchen to come Feb 16 2012.

The older webinars in the series are available for viewing on the Food Chemistry Series web page

The Thanksgiving presentation will cover…

  • The pros and cons of brining your turkey
  • The two kinds of turkey muscle and how they’re best cooked
  • How heating rates affect the flavor of sweet potatoes
  • Why traditional persimmon pudding is almost black, and how to make it persimmon-colored
  • And much more…