Agriculture is where [most] food begins !

…and we should remember that. Except for foraged wild mushrooms, or wild caught fish, or hunted game, or handpicked wild backberries that turn into delicious pies [courtesy of my wife] pies made with farmed wheat for the flour…

Follow the “savory images” link below to see Ag in Oregon at its most picturesque!

Savory Images

Featuring the bounty of Oregon agriculture—a reflection of the role Oregon State University’s agricultural research plays in sustaining our state’s rich farming heritage. The Savory Images photo exhibit opens August 2009 at the Murdoch Gallery at the LaSells Stewart Center at Oregon State University. It then begins a tour across the state and is available for month-long display during 2009-2010, free of charge“.

Photos are by award-winning photographer Lynn Ketchum and from the pages of the acclaimed magazine Oregon’s Agricultural Progress.

A wonderful exposition…

of the the variety and richness of agriculture and rural life in Oregon. The gallery is well worth a look. Lynn Ketchum works for Oregon State and has taken some shots in our labs. Look forward to more shots from Lynn of our bread and lab in the near future.

Mt Adams, Washington State from Gilliam County OR looking north across the Columbia River valley.

adamas small

Photo Atribution – me.