Hello!  My name is Hannah Pynn, I’m the Graduate Assistant for the Dean of Student Life (DOSL) at Oregon State University.

Now that the rain is here, it finally feels like fall in Oregon.  Since this is my first term as a grad student, the rain gives me a good excuse to settle in every evening with a cup of tea and a stack of books to study for my College Student Services Administration (CSSA) masters program.  The CSSA program is a masters program that studies student affairs and higher education, which means that maybe some day I’ll be a Dean of Student Life myself!  For now, I’m focusing on writing lots of papers and absorbing lots of information about how to serve college students.

As the Graduate Assistant in the office, I am working on several campus-wide initiatives that focus on the community and holistic development of every student on our beautiful campus.

Everyone Matters @ OSU is a global social media campaign that promotes inclusivity and non-judgement.  Check out how you can voice your thoughts on why YOU think Everyone Matters @ OSU.


I am also a coordinator for the Interfaith Community Service Initiative which is a campaign that aspires to initiate meaningful dialogue between religious and nonreligious individuals, bringing together students from all walks of life under the common umbrella of community service.

When I go home, I go home to a mansion that is the home of about 130 women.  My husband and I are the House Directors at Kappa Delta Sorority and this is our fifth year living in the residence.  We love our KD ladies.  This is us at Mock Rock last year, the huge KD philanthropy event that raised over $35,000 for child abuse prevention locally and nationally.

I’m looking forward to continuing my work in DOSL for the next two years.  I love when people visit me at work, so feel free to stop by to chat in Kerr A200.


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