Student Life has been a busy campus entity these last few weeks. Sorry for the hiatus, but read what Sarah has been up to lately!

I was given the opportunity to attend the Diversity Summit last week. I have learned about diversity in many of my classes here, but I was excited to learn more about the many different elements of diversity. It was inspiring to listen to the keynote speakers’ talk about their life experience and how their battles made them stronger individuals.

The sessions that were held throughout the 2 day conference had great content and helped me see aspects of diversity that I had not considered before. The session that had the greatest impact on me talked about the power of language. There are so many things that we say on a daily basis, without knowing, that determine our status and position in the world. Language can be used to empower people but it can also be used as a tool for dominance. I am currently making a conscious effort to eliminate words in my vocabulary that unintentionally put others down.

One of the main themes that I took away from the conference as a whole was the concept of intent versus impact. The things we say and do with good intentions can end up hurting others if we are not mindful of our surroundings and the people we are interacting with.

I am so glad that I was able to attend this conference. I have become much more aware of the numerous elements of diversity, even within Oregon State, and I am working hard to make sure the things I say and do have the impact that I intend on.

If you want more info on how the Diversity Summit went, make sure you check out their blog site: