Last week I switched from New Student Programs to Healthy Campus Initiatives. While working with HCI I am promoting the Be Well 5k Run, Walk and Roll that will take place on Friday, October 21st! I hope to see you all there! I am also working on the Take the Stairs Campaign. I am focusing on people taking the elevator going only 1 floor up or down in the Kerr Administration Building. I am excited to be working with Healthy Campus Initiatives and having the opportunity to see the many ways that we can positively impact our campus!

I am finding that many of the offices that I have worked with, or that I will be working with, are interconnected. A perfect example of how these offices all work together is the Community Care Team. I was invited to sit in on a meeting for the CCT and I enjoyed seeing yet another behind the scenes aspect of Student Affairs. The Community Care Team is a group of representatives from many areas of student life; they meet a couple of times every term to discuss upcoming and current campus events and make sure all offices are on the same page in order to best support the students here. There are so many resources at Oregon State that encourage healthy living and learning; the Community Care Team is here to make sure they are available for all students.

I am only with Healthy Campus Initiatives for a couple more days this week and then I am returning to work with the Office of the Dean of Student Life. I have learned a lot with HCI and I am happy that I am able to be a part of making this campus a healthier place.

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