Can you feel it in the air? That’s right… what you smell is the anticipation of final exams! When I was a student, the one thing that I wish that I had done differently was pace out how I studied/managed my time during the last week of class and finals week. It was not uncommon to find myself exhausted, and scattered due to excessive studying to make up for procrastination during the term. If ever a time to practice self care, NOW IS IT! If you find yourself stressed- take a moment, and take in a really deep breath, the kind that fills up your entire lung capacity, and then exhale while making a loud sighing sound. Do this 5-10 times. I guarantee, you will feel better. Also, I know you will be tempted to drink a lot of caffeine right now- try water instead! If you love your body, your body will love you, too…

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2 thoughts on “Is it already December?

  1. What can I say? Removal of toxins by breathing works wonders! I hope the student is doing better, and I know that they were lucky to have you guiding them. 🙂

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