I had the most wonderful day yesterday.  As a new person to Oregon, I am still getting accustomed to the continual rain, and the upcoming continual rainy season.  What I cherish most, is that this rain has transformed my sense of analogies… like the phrase, “when it rains, it pours.”  True statement… both in frustrating times, and in great ones.  Yesterday, literally, while it was raining, and pouring, I had the most amazing day full of amazing connections with our outstanding students on campus.  I had the chance to speak to a DPD class taught by Dr. Juan Trujillo, Linguistics, about my language background and how that background shaped my identity.  What an outstanding class, and outstanding students!  It is inspiring to see students make the meaningful connections, and develop inquiry around the things that make us who we are in our lives, and how we can cherish those elements in each other in a way that is authentic.

Later on in the day, I had the chance to connect with first-year students in a Fireside Chat (shoutout to the U-Engage students- woot!woot!).  While we did talk about Oregon State University, and how OSU serves our students, I think I cherished having this time to talk about wellness, managing a full job-full life in a healthy way, and the replication of botulism (you had to be there…).   From that event, I went to the grand opening of the International Resource Center, located in the MU.  If you haven’t visited the IRC, I highly recommend it.  Kudos to all of our campus community members that come together to create such a wonderful environment for our international and internationally-minded students.  So many students connecting with each other in such powerful ways.

As I walked home, in the pouring rain, I thought to myself, it can rain and pour like this every day if it means connecting with our amazing students.

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2 thoughts on “Are U-Engaged…?

  1. Hi Mamta! It was so great meeting you at the SLI/SEAC Recognition Meeting a few weeks back. Your activity was so fun and a great mental exercise, and a great kick-off to the day!

    As I walk across campus every day, I too, am thankful for the connections that I have made with this campus and its community. Something about Corvallis and Oregon State make me thankful for choosing this wonderful place to study and grow. As I near the end of my undergraduate studies, I am constantly reflecting on the memories and experiences that I have had here and realize how much they have impacted my life.

    I hope that you continue to appreciate this amazing place, and are constantly reminded that OSU is truly a community of scholars and leaders.

    Welcome to Oregon!

    -Noah Rattner
    Senior, Business Administration, International Business & Marketing Management
    AMA@OSU Marketing Group President
    Mortar Board Senior National Honors Society President

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Noah! I hope I get to work with you more on campus. I would love to hear your perspective on how to serve OSU students in the best way possible. 🙂

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