I am actively recruiting graduate students in HDFS who want to study poverty, families, and social policy.



PhD students

  • Nahid Sultana
  • Jaime Wegner-Lohin (co-supervision with Nico Trocme)
  • Katrina Cherney
  • Mohammad Khan (2018) Dissertation title: Understanding the Disparity in Financial Capability Across Individuals’ Social Locations: A new Dimension of Inequality
  • Soyoon Weon (2017) Dissertation title: The Condition of Asset Poverty and the Impact of an Asset-based Intervention in South Korea

MSW students

  • Meagan Reinish (2015) ISP title: Policy position: Promoting universal early childhood education and care in Canada
  • Leah Freeman (2015) ISP title: Searching for an integrated social work practice
  • Rebecca Freedman (2015) ISP title: Sons as caregivers: An under-researched contender in primary care for aging parents
  • Maria Cresta (2015) ISP title: Impact of economic strain on family relationships
  • Amanda Howes (2015) ISP title: Deinstitutionalization and discussions for social work practice: Revisiting the values, the process and recent challenges, with a focus on British Columbia
  • Katrina Cherney (2014) ISP title: Saving for post-secondary education amongst low-income Canadians: Literature review and empirical analysis
  • Sarah Gutman (2014) ISP title: The nuance of aging with a lifelong intellectual disability: Are needs being met?
  • Anne Blumenthal (2014) Thesis title: An examination of the prevalence and Predictors of asset poverty in Canadian families
  • Christopher Charlton (2013). ISP title: Effects of childhood poverty: Educational and personal attainment
  • Rashida Bhaiji (2013). ISP title: The evolution of social welfare: An analysis of current social welfare in Canada and Alberta
  • Sebastian Mott (2012). ISP title: Modelling patterns of shelter use at the Old Brewery Mission: Describing program populations and applying a typology of homelessness
  • Angela Wilson (2012). ISP title: An exploration of the challenges to development for the Endorois indigenous minority of Kenya
  • Nicholas Salter (2011). ISP title: An analysis of the implications of social media for social work community practice

Honors Theses

  • Dillon Koch (2018). The Social Safety Net and Child Poverty in Oregon
  • Lexi Welch (2017). Foster Care Disparities in Oregon Across Race/Ethnicity and Economic Characteristics