Finals week is just around the corner and it’s never too early to get POWERED up for your finals! Check out the following on-campus resources!

Collaborative Learning Center

Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) provides a variety of services to help support your studies. During scheduled hours, you’ll find peer tutors and GTAs from the College of Science, the Academic Success Center, and the Writing Center.


Interested in free math help? Contact the Math Learning Center

The Mathematics Department maintains this list for the convenience of students
seeking private tutoring in mathematics. The Department does not do any screening
of tutors. You can access this list by visiting this website:


Get Chemistry Help with the Mole Hole


Need help with papers? Consult the Writing Center!

Don’t forget to relax a little!!!

Unlock your inner potential with active relaxation at the MindSpa:

Exercising at Dixon is a great way to take a study break:

Need to get some study fuel? Check out what’s open on-campus:

One thought on “Resources to POWER up for finals

  1. I think that key is to start the preparation well in advance. From experience with my students, I see that when they have plenty of time to study, all that anxiety gets reduced a great deal. Also, specifically in math, it is fundamental to solve many practice problems (as many as you a grab). That really builds confidence up

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