Conference participation is free to all student participants.  Your hotel accommodation, all conference events, and meals from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch are subsidized by the conference (your application fee of $25 was required to reserve your spot and defray a small fraction of the expense).

Travel costs will be reimbursed by the conference if your department is unable to provide you with full travel costs.  We regret that reimbursement is available only to students (regardless of nationality) at U.S. institutions , and not to students (even if they are U.S. citizens) at Canadian institutions. This is because the reimbursement derives ultimately from the U.S. Federal funds and not private funds.

  • Please try to find inexpensive flights (economy only, and book EARLY) and try to time your arrival to meet one of our shuttles.  Friday afternoon tours are optional, but try to arrive in time to participate (tours depart between 2:30 and 3 pm).  If your flight doesn’t permit this, it is OK. You must have approval from the Local Organizing Committee for air travel.  Bay Area participants with flights <$225 are pre-approved, but let us know your flight arrangements.  Email the cuwip email address, with “travel” in the subject line.
  • Keep copies of e-tickets and boarding passes.
  • If you are driving, keep copies of any expenses incurred with rental, gas, tolls etc.

Please pay all travel costs yourself, and request reimbursement at the conference.  You will be given a reimbursement form at the conference.  You may be able to complete the form at the conference, but you can also email/mail it to us as soon as you return home. You will be given instructions about where to send it, the deadline is, etc., and these details will also be posted on this page.  Reimbursement can be paid only AFTER the conference is over, and not before.

Here are electronic versions of the two required reimbursement forms, which were in your registration packet. Instructions are on the forms. Please submit before Friday, January 29, 2016.

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