Teaching Tolerance posted an anonymous blog entry from a gay elementary school teacher:  The Classroom Closet .  He is responding to a district’s screening of the Teaching Tolerance movie Bullied.  (We do have a copy in the College of Education if you want to see it.)  The blog entry is a moving read with several personal stories in the comments from readers.  I highly recommend taking a look at this and following some of the “You might also like” links on their side menu, especially in light of our upcoming panel discussion event.

Do you have your calendars marked yet?  We’ll be posting more information soon, but the date is now set:  Tuesday, January 21, 2014 at 5 PM on the 4th floor of Furman Hall.  We are hosting this panel discussion in partnership with OSU’s Pride Center.  Our goal is to discuss gender and sexual identity issues in education from both a student and teacher perspective.  This is part of our professional development efforts, and we hope everyone leaves with some new resources/ideas for continued professional development.

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