Is Orientation mandatory? Yes, unless you have extenuating circumstances such as illness, are out of the country or other critical reason for not attending.


Who is my Major Advisor? Your major advisor will be assigned to you within the first few weeks of fall term. You will have a chance to request a specific advisor although we can’t guarantee you will get your first pick. Also depending on whether you choose a thesis or portfolio option will also determine who your advisor is as not all faculty are able to advise thesis students. It’s a good idea to check the CSSA website for biographies of faculty and advisors to familiarize yourself with their functional area or area of specialization (forthcoming).


What do all these acronyms mean? Educational institutions love to use acronyms. Here are a few commonly used in the CSSA program:

AHE – Adult Education & Higher Education Leadership.  This is the prefix used for classes in our department.

APCC – The Asian & Pacific Cultural Center.  “The Asian & Pacific Cultural Center at Oregon State University was established to provide a fun, safe and welcoming facility for the retention of students. We provide academic, cultural, recreational, and social programs/activities related, but not limited to the Asian/Pacific Island cultures and heritages.”

ASOSU – Associated Students of OSU (the student government).

BCC – The Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center.  “The mission of the Lonnie B. Harris Black Cultural Center is to complement the academic program of studies and enrich the quality of campus life for African and African-American students at Oregon State University.” The center provides services, leadership opportunities, events and activities, and a safe space for all students.

CAPS – Counseling And Psychological Services. “CAPS provides a variety of services to help students address the challenges and difficulties they face. These services are designed to help students understand themselves better, create and maintain satisfying relationships, improve their academic performance, and make healthy and satisfying career and life choices. We are dedicated to helping students by providing brief counseling services, or – if more intensive or specialized care is needed – making referrals to health care providers in the community.”

CCCC or The 4 Cs – Centro Cultural Cesar Chavez.  “The Centro Cultural Cesar Chavez was established to provide a location and facility for programming various academic, cultural, recreational and social events related to the Chicano/ Latino/ Hispanic culture and heritage. It exists to support the different ethnic and cultural peoples’ pursuit of their educational goals and the retention of their culture.”

CCLP – Community College Leadership Program (a doctoral program in the College of Education).

COE – College of Education.

CSSA – College Student Services Administration.  I recommend being familiar with this one.

DAS – Disability Access Services.  Works to maintain and improve the overall quality of student life by providing a broad range of programs, resources, and services to help students with disabilities successfully achieve their academic goals.

Dixon – OSU’s Recreational Sports Center.  Provides fitness services and programs, including intramural sports, sport clubs, outdoor recreation activities and equipment, and more.

ELI – English Language Institute.  English Language learners – teens and adults – can join ELI to study English, learn about US culture, and prepare for academic work at a US university.

EOP – Educational Opportunities Program.  The EOP office is designed to assist students of color and other nontraditional students, including students with disabilities, low income, single parent, first generation in college, and older-than-average.

IP – International Programs.  “International Programs helps students planning to study or conduct research in other countries, assists international students and scholars coming to OSU, and provides English language training.”

MU – Memorial Union.  Houses the restaurants, bowling alley, shops, events, meeting and conference rooms, ATMs.

NAL – Native American Longhouse.  “As a public service center of Oregon State University, the Native American Longhouse exists to provide services and hospitality to students, faculty, staff, the college and the surrounding community.  Its primary functions are to provide a gathering place for hosting cultural ceremonies, classes, conferences, lectures, performances, retreats and community events.  The longhouse provides the opportunity to build a bridge of understanding between the regions’ tribes and visitors of all cultures.” h

OSU – Oregon State University.  Go Beavs!

Pride Center –  “The Pride Center provides programs and support services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning and intersexed members of the OSU community and their allies. The Pride Center affirms the identities and empowers the lives of LGBTQQI people by providing education, outreach, program support, consultation, community development, visibility and advocacy. The Pride Center is a safe space for all members of our community to explore aspects of sexual orientation and gender identity in an open and non-judgmental atmosphere.”

SHS – Student Health Services.  Offers medical services, nutritional appointments, massage, AnswerSPOT, resources for survivors of sexual assault, support resources.

SLI – Student Leadership and Involvement. The S.L.I. Student Activities Program provides education, development and support to OSU students, student organizations, and OSU student programs. This programs has three focus areas: Education/Skill Development, Activity Support, and Community Development.

NSPFO – New Student Programs and Family Outreach. New Student Programs & Family Outreach strives to serve as a campus leader in supporting the transition process for new and prospective students, as well as their family members, through educational programs and outreach. “U-Engage” classes traditionally run through this office can make a great internship or project credit experience.

StuAff or SA – Student Affairs.  As graduate students in CSSA, we are welcome to attend the division-wide meetings that are held each term.  It’s a great opportunity to get a sense of the larger picture of student affairs at OSU.  In some cases, we can also get involved in hiring committees and other professional opportunities on campus.  If you have a question about a committee or other professional opportunity you’d like to be a part of, ask one of the CSSA faculty members.  They will help determine if it’s appropriate and who to contact to find out more information.

UESP – University Exploratory Studies Program.  OSU’s UESP is the academic home for students who consider themselves undecided and have chosen to explore their options before declaring a major.

UHDS – University Housing and Dining Services (UHDS also has conference services, including catering and housing).

WC – Women’s Center. “The Oregon State University Women’s Center, established in 1973, offers learning experiences that help women transform themselves and society. Its educational programs reflect the diverse views of women from all walks of life. The center provides advocacy, support, programs, resources and opportunities to translate concerns into action.”


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