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LeAnn Adam

Professional position: Education Abroad Advisor/Scholarship Advisor, International Programs


Kristen Andersen

Assistantships: Center for Teaching and Learning, and GTA Development for College of Science

Originally from Plymouth, Minnesota, Kristen received a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities. Kristen is doing an area of specialization in Developing Inclusive Classrooms, and is on a thesis track with her topic in the experience of students with mental illnesses in the classroom, primarily how discriminatory behaviors by the instructors impact them. Kristen’s research interests include students with disabilities (specifically invisible mental disabilities), how students experience college as a whole, the bridge between student affairs and academic affairs, STEM education, gender expression, and identity development. What Kristen likes best about the CSSA program is the ability to customize it. Not only do most of the assignments in class provide the flexibility to explore what you want, but the program itself has many options for coursework and thesis/portfolio. This all balances well with the stability of the cohort. After moving to Corvallis from Minnesota, Kristen likes how warm and green the city is year-round. Also, the ability to bike to class and work every day, and the need to only travel a short distance to get an amazing place to hike.



Jon Bickler

Professional position: Student Debt Manager, Financial Aid and Business Office


Rob Camp

Assistantship: Student Conduct and Community Standards

Rob joins us from East Lansing, Michigan. Rob received his B.A. is Human Development and Family Sciences via E-campus from Oregon State University. Rob is on a portfolio track. Rob’s research interests include transition and student engagement.  Rob believes the cohort model is a great way to learn. It provides support, understanding, and  a sometimes needed point in the right director. For Rob, Corvallis provides the smaller close knit community.


Drew Desilet

Professional position: Advisor, Associated Students of Oregon State University


Alexsandra Dos Reis

Assistantship: Human Services Resource Center

Originally from Gervais, Oregon, Alexsandra received a B.S. in Human Development and Family Sciences with the option of Human Services and double minor in Psychology and Spanish from Oregon State University. Alexsandra is on a portfolio track with an area of specialization incorporating social justice, underrepresented students, and education. Alexsandra’s research interests include identity development, higher education within migrant students, advising with underrepresented students, transition, and first-year experience. Alexsandra likes the cohort model of the CSSA program. It really helps to be able to go through the process of grad school with people that are having similar or even different experiences. Being able to work with people with similar interests that come from both similar and different walks of life is such an eye opener and have learned so much from others. Alexsandra’s favorite thing about Corvallis is how close it is to everything. You can get to the bigger city, the ocean, mountains, and anything else in between within 2 hours.


Annie Farber

Professional position: Enrollment Service Specialist, OSU Extended Campus (E-campus)

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Annie graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park with a B.A. in Journalism. Annie is on a portfolio track with research interests in student engagement (especially in online learning), recreational sports, and orientation. What Annie likes best about the CSSA program is getting to talk about higher education in an organized way! Annie has similar conversations with coworkers daily, but it is nice to feel more informed and know the cohort is going to help challenge and develop as a person and a professional. Annie enjoys the access to the outdoors in Corvallis and loves being able to take day trips to Mt. Bachelor, the coast, or Portland. Also there’s great beer and people in Corvallis!


Kyle Flowers

Assistantship: Memorial Union Program Council

Kyle joins us from Salem, Oregon, and attended Willamette University with a B.A. in Economics. Kyle is working on a thesis on the relationship between co-curricular involvement and academic success, and an area of specialization in New Student Programs. Kyle’s research interests include transition, student engagement, and leadership development. What Kyle likes about the CSSA program is the practitioner-scholar model and the ability to integrate experiences from assistantships, internships, and past involvement in day-to-day academic learning. When Corvallis isn’t flooded with students, Kyle really enjoys the quiet nature that surrounds campus. It’s great to go on walks when it’s nice outside!



Melissa Greff

Assistantship: University Housing and Dining Services

Melissa is originally from Hurley, Missouri, and attended Missouri State University with a B.A. in English Literature. Melissa is on a portfolio track with a Counseling minor. Melissa’s research interests include linguistic diversity, community engagement, survivor advocacy and Title IX, student leaders in housing, and social justice education. The great thing about the CSSA program is the flexibility! There are so many opportunities for internships and projects, plus the thesis or portfolio option, and the area of specialization or minor. There are a lot of great little shops and restaurants that makes downtown Corvallis awesome! Corvallis is just a really nice place to live.


Kim Helm

Assistantship: Student Sustainability Initiative


Gabe Hernandez

Assistantship: Student Leadership and Involvement


Lexi Kendall

Assistantship: Human Services Resource Center

Lexi is originally from Moscow, Idaho, and has received her B.A. in Humanities from the University of Oregon. Lexi is on the portfolio track with an area of specialization in Student Success. Lexi’s research interests include student engagement, identity development, and multicultural issues. Having the ability to build your own degree and incorporate in many learning experiences is what Lexi values in the CSSA program. The great thing about Corvallis is that it’s close to the mountains, ocean, and beer.


Brittany Klemm

Assistantship: University Housing and Dining Services


Kayla Kosaki

Assistantship: Center for Civic Engagement


Weston Prisbrey

Assistantship: University Housing and Dining Services

Weston is originally from Richfield, Utah and has received a B.S. in Biology from Southern Utah University. Weston is on a portfolio track with an area of specialization in Public Policy in Higher Education. Weston’s research interests include student leadership and law in higher education. Weston appreciates the focus on student development and social justice in the CSSA program. As a future student affairs professional, Weston feels like this program prepares to help students by interacting with them to succeed. Coming from a small town of 8,000 people, Corvallis is the perfect size for Weston. It’s big enough that there are still places to eat and visit, but small enough not to feel overwhelmed.


Jenesis Samai

Assistantship: University Exploratory Studies Program

Originally from Brookings, Oregon, Jenesis attended Oregon State University with a Honors B.S. in Psychology. Jenesis is working on a portfolio with an area of specialization in Leadership Development. Jenesis’ research interests include career development, career-decision making, and community college transfer students. Jenesis likes the cohort model and flexibility with classes and the area of specialization within the CSSA program. The best part about Corvallis are the great hikes and beautiful views!


Pamela Seitz

Professional position: Resident Director, University Housing and Dining Services

Pamela is originally from Missoula, Montana, and received a B.A. in Mathematics and Communication Studies from the University of Montana. Pamela is working on a thesis on how living learning programs support students of color in predominantly White institutions, and planning to focus on an area of specialization in Social Justice. Pamela’s research interests include first-year students, historically marginalized populations, and housing and residential education. What Pamela likes best about the CSSA program is that most of the faculty are practitioner-scholars. They are very knowledgeable from their experiences in the field. Pamela loves the small college town feel of Corvallis. The downtown area has amazing diners and adorable little shops.


Sam Squyars

Assistantship: Student Events and Activities Center

Originally from Chesterfield, Virgina, Sam graduated from Christopher Newport University with a B.A. in Communication Studies and a minor in Leadership Studies. Sam is on a portfolio track with an area of specialization in Student in Transition. Sam’s research interests include students experiencing bereavement, students in transition, and leadership development. The best thing about the CSSA program is the flexibility in courses! What’s great about Corvallis is all the great restaurants and food!


Rylan Wall

Assistantship: Center for Civic Engagement


Cole Whited

Assistantship: University Honors College

Cole joins us from Burlington, Washington, and has graduated from Western Washington University with a B.A. in Psychology with a focus in Sports Psychology. Cole is on a portfolio track with an area of specialization in Social Justice. Cole’s research interests include gender inclusive living spaces, student development with a focus on self-authorship, and student engagement and success of college athletes and post-eligible college athletes. Cole loves the cohort model of the CSSA program. Being able to learn a lot from fellow classmates, and to collaborate on work with such hardworking, intelligent, and open-minded people. Corvallis has a great small town feel and a prominent sense of community in Corvallis and at OSU.




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