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Registering for Classes

CSSA classes are only open to CSSA students and there is no need to register early to reserve your space. However if you want to or need to for other scheduling purposes you certainly can. You will need to register for classes before you can set up your ONID account. (ONID is your student email and Blackboard access account.)

If you choose to register early, you will need your 9-digit student ID# (usually starting with  93——-) and your 6-digit GAP, or General Access PIN. You should have received your ID# from the university via email or snail mail. If you haven’t signed in before, your GAP will be your birth date (MMDDYY). Once you’ve signed in, it will ask you to create a new GAP, so have a 6-digit number that you can remember.

Instructions on how to register online:

From, click on “Online Services Login in the right column.

  • Enter your Student ID# and GAP.
  • Click on “Registration”
  • Click on “Register/Add/Drop Classes”.
  • Choose “Fall 2011″ in the scroll-down menu and click “Submit”.
  • Enter the CRN for each class (see Fall courses listed above) in the Add Classes Worksheet.
  • Click “Submit Changes”.

After Fall Term, you may decide to start taking elective courses to fulfill your minor or area of specialization requirements, but I wouldn’t try and fit any of these in during your first term.

**Note that Graduate Teaching Assistants MUST register for 12 graduate level credits per term. Failure to do so will effect your tuition remission.


Buying Books

The cost of buying textbooks will vary each term and can range from $200-$300… but the total can also turn out to be less depending on where you get your books. The easiest way to get your books is by purchasing them through the OSU Bookstore. Visit their website to view which books are required for each of your classes You can either order them online or buy them at the campus bookstore, which is located in the Memorial Union (MU).

A few notes on using the OSU Bookstore vs. another online retailer:

  • OSU students (and faculty and staff) get 8% off all book purchases at the OSU Bookstore. You may find that by ordering books through an online retailer, you’ll end up paying the same amount (factoring in the cost of shipping). However, this is not always the case… just something to keep in mind.
  • When searching online, make sure you are purchasing the correct edition of whichever textbook you are looking for. Many of our texts have multiple editions.
  • The main difference between OSU prices and others’ will probably be if the bookstore doesn’t have enough used copies of the book. If you order the text through their website, they will try to get your preference (used or new), but if the new one will arrive sooner, they  will generally order that one.

Finally, if you want to borrow textbooks from a second-year student, some students may be willing to sell or loan their books out.



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