I promised myself I wouldn’t let the CSSA blog lapse. However, there was this little thing called “I got sick for about two months and then all of a sudden it was the end of spring term and oh my God I’m leaving the country two days after that term ends.”

Let’s recap what happened in March-June really quickly.

  • NASPA Conference in Philadelphia, PA! I was conveniently sick the entire time, but I still managed to have fun, network, and learn a lot more about the field I’m going into. I helped out with the International Education Knowledge Community’s International Symposium, as well, so I got to interact with professionals working in countries like Qatar, Germany, Spain, Lithuania, and beyond. Met a lot of really great #sagrads and had a hilariously awesome moment with Dean Mamta Accapadi at a Tweet-up. For the record, I do not believe that Dunkin Donuts is better than Starbucks.
  • Spring Break! I was supposed to join the Community Service Center and fellow cohortmate, Courtney, on the Alternative Spring Break trip to Yakima, WA. However, I was so sick by that point that the most I could do was drive to Wenatchee, WA and lie on my mother’s couch for days. I’m still not sure how I made that drive because not only was it 7 hours, it was dark and dumping rain the entire time. Not my most brilliant moment in time.
  • Spring Term. Theory II, Multicultural Issues, Organizational Architecture, and… Balletsport. I topped off the class list with two internships, one with IDEA working on curriculum integration documents and development, and another with the College of Business to develop a users’ guide for LinkedIn and also to evaluate Chatter.com for usability.
  • Lots of events! University Honors College held its annual Mom’s Weekend Brunch & Talent Show, as well as several closing events to honor (no pun intended) the graduating seniors. Other things that happened? Well, Nick and I piloted the first Real Talk session, which is like a fireside chat. We advertised it as a “Come and ask us anything” event, and for competing with sunshine and the spring fashion show, I was happy with the turn-out. I also attended MUPC’s Battle of the Bands (briefly), and I was very impressed with the stage set-up. Anyone ever been to Warped? It was like that–two stages side-by-side, so one band can perform and the next can soundcheck during the other band’s set. It’s great for timing and seamlessness. Well done, MUPC.

Now, I’m working on a short-term internship with a friend and fellow student affairs grad from Colorado State University. She’s in the SAHE program there, and it’s cool to collaborate with someone from another student affairs Master’s program. Oh, and we’re doing our internship at the University of the West Indies at St. Augustine. It’s been interesting learning more about the university, the different services offered, and the culture of Trinidad and Tobago. At the end of this week, we will be attending the CTLPA conference which is like the annual ACPA or NASPA conferences, just for the Caribbean.

Hope this finds you well and that summer is being kind!