I have been a bit MIA on the blog lately, I started my assistantship with the New Student Programs and Family Outreach office (NSPFO) on September 3rd and I have been busy ever since! I am so glad that I started early since I am new to Corvallis, OSU, and I haven’t been on a college campus for a few years. I still have a lot to figure out when it comes to locations of buildings, computer programs, acronyms, etc., but each day gets a bit easier. I am really enjoying my assistantship and still pinch myself that I am getting paid for this work since I would volunteer my time for the same kind of work in the past!

NSPFO works with first-year students and thus, last week was a busy one! We put on two orientations (one for first-year students, the other for transfers) along with many events. It is interesting to be working with orientation since I am also a new student and many questions such as where something is located I cannot answer immediately, I usually have to pull out my campus map! People have been very understanding and patient with me and I am thankful for all of their support. I am also working as an assistant with the National Student Exchange and love it so far! I am a big fan of studying abroad or in a different location in the US and I find this position a perfect match for me. I have also been getting involved with other departments on campus such as the English Language Institute (ELI) where I plan to be part of the Conversant Program. I will be matched up with an international student learning English in the institute and help them with their language skills. I am really excited to participate in this program and I will keep you posted on how it all goes. Every time I check my email there is another event, program, class, seminar, etc. that I can participate in and I can see already that it is going to be hard to decide which one to get involved with and how to manage my time so that I am not spreading myself too thin.

Classes start tomorrow and I hope I am ready! I already had some reading for two of the classes before school even started…welcome to grad school! And I can’t end this entry without a shout out to the OSU football team that beat #1 USC last Thursday! Go Beavs!!!

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