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I wanted to update as to what has been going on the past few weeks.  I have been working at the Women’s Center for a few weeks now, I signed on early to get to know the campus and the community ahead of time.  I feel like it was a pretty good choice.  So far I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing campus leaders, some future professors in the CSSA program and a bunch of my future cohort members. I’ve been able to participate in so many endeavors that have allowed me to learn and contribute to the campus community already!

As for my daily goings-on in the little blue house, I’ve spent the last few weeks planning training, brainstorming on fun ways to reach out to the student body, and learning what it is to be a GTA in the Women’s Center. It’s been really nice to have so many people around that are invested in the education of new professionals, and I can’t wait for school to begin so I can learn more!

One thing I thought I would comment on is how interesting it can be to learn the little intricacies of a new institution.  Many of us have moved from one institution to another and have felt overwhelmed by the amount of tiny little things there is to learn like acronyms, administrative procedures and institutional policies, and who handles what, when and so on.  All I have to say is, it gets easier.  I think it is specifically difficult to move from a small institution to a larger one.  At my last institution some center would cover 3 or 4 different things and here it is split into entire different departments.  What a change! Everyday I learn something new and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

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