CS 461 Blog

CS 461 Blog Post #1

Hello everyone! I’m super excited, and nervous, for my Senior year journey. As this post is my first, I am clearly new to this format, but I hope to inform everyone of my progress throughout this year. Between 17+ credits/term, two esports teams, an honors thesis project, and my capstone project, my experience with video game simulation should be bolstered greatly by the end of this year. With that being said, I’m excited for the project opportunities for capstone this year; the graphically-driven choices especially pique my interest. Specifically, the rhythm VR game and Mandalorian-style graphics environment seem to be particularly unique and interesting. Not to mention that my graphics-based thesis of generating animal hair/fur should pair nicely with the graphics involved in these capstone projects. Overall, I hope to continue to inform you all of my experiences this year!

CS 461 Blog Post #2

After a week into the Capstone project and finally getting assigned my group, I am optimistic about this year’s project! First of all, I got assigned to my #1 choice as the VR rhythm game which is exciting. Also, I was able to talk with one of my group mates prior to turning it our first assignment, which was good to meet them and figure out how we want this year to look. Since we both were assigned to this project, it didn’t surprise me that we had the same major with the same focus. Additionally, the fact that we were able to start talking about the best ways to communicate was really important to set a basis for this project; I was happy to settle on using Discord, texting, and Trello as our main tools assuming that our third group mate doesn’t have any objections.

One interesting thing about my group is that we all live in different cities at the moment, so there won’t be any possibility to meet in person. While this makes communication harder, the fact that we have already found a way to meet synchronously (just the two of us so far) makes me hopeful for our communication this year. On top of this, both of my group mates hopped on our first assignment right away after groups were chosen, which makes me think that they are as excited to start this project as I am! I’ve played Beat Saber extensively in the past, so I’m curious to see how our project differs from it since it is essentially the same concept. However, I am faithful that the three of us can put our heads together to create a new idea that will blossom into a great game! Not to mention that we get our very own Oculus Quest devices to test on! Overall, I’m very anxious to start coding this project, and can’t wait to see where it goes!

CS 461 Blog Post #3

Another week has passed by in Fall term 2020, as it seems like my senior year is going way too fast. And with the fact that the Capstone will occupy most of this time, I’m both worried and anxious for this project; hopefully we can work well together as a team and create a cool and unique game. However, based on the interactions I have had with my team thus far, it seems like we will create a really cool project.

As mentioned in the last post, we are all living in different areas of the world right now, which could potentially make communication more difficult. On the other hand, I do think that being in different places also means that our perspectives are unique as well, meaning that we will all have different ideas about the project. While this could be seen as a bad thing if we can’t decide on what we want, it also means that our different ideas could be woven together into something extraordinary. For example, after the first true group assignment of deciding our problem statement, we all had very different ideas on how the game would look. While one of us was more concerned with the feel from the controller perspective, one of us wanted a more RPG-centered game, and the last wanted different instruments to be involved. Again, while these seem to be starkly different, the possibility of creating an RPG-style game with different instrument sounds and controller vibrations has a great possibility to be the basis for an outstanding VR rhythm game!

Because of this, I am extremely excited to get my Quest and start playing around with these ideas, and see how far we can make our goals a reality. For example, while the idea of parsing through different instruments in a song may be difficult, it would be a great idea to add to the game, and could be possibly developed even after the Capstone time period is over and published. With that being said, it should be another great week of team collaboration figuring out our exact modules of this project!