Citrix-Free resources from OSU

There are more than 120 applications that we can use online provided by Oregon State University, for example, AutoCAD, Solidworks, but how do we get the access to use them? Here is an easy way to install a client software “Citrx” that can access all of the applications.

  1. Go to and download the Citrix Workspace Client.
  2. From the download location – run the CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe file.
    Windows Run Setup
  3.  After installation If Citrix does not open automatically, run the Citrix Workspace client from your computer, indicated by this icon  Citrix Workspace
  4. In the “Add Account” prompt, type in your ONID email into the input box and click “Add”.
    Win Connect to Citrix
  5. When asked to connect to click “continue”. You will be prompted twice to log in.
  6. In the first prompt, log in with: ONID email and ONID password.
    Win 1st prompt
  7. In the second prompt log in again with: ONID email and your ONID password. Mark the checkbox  “Remember my password”
    Win 2nd Prompt

Source: OSU College of Engineering Information Technology and Computing Support:

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