If you are interested in getting started with embedded systems or are looking to further increase your knowledge in a certain area, the links/info below may be helpful. Some of the links may be to posts on this site, while many will be from external sources. If you would like to add to this list, use the Slack channel or add directly to the site.

Note: This page is a work in progress and will be continuously edited….

Getting Started

Roger Traylor Course Page

Finite State Machines

Implementing Finite State Machines in Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems Course from Georgia Tech

Embedded Systems (Research & Information)

Programming Embedded Systems (2nd Edition) w/ C & GNU Development Tools

Programming using AvrStudio and other IDEs

SiFive Webinar Series on the Risc-V Architecture

Real-time Embedded Systems

Introduction to real time   (Tutorial)

Types of Real-Time Embedded Systems

Register Logic

Digital Registers


Getting Started with ADC using Arduino

Introduction to PWM


Introduction to Serial Peripheral Interface

Introduction to Inter-Integrated Circuit Protocol


SPl1 (Auxiliary SPI) Enable Steps

AVR Setup on Windows


Viewing UART Data with Tera Term

Best Tutorial on WS2812B RGB LED Protocol



Intro to Kicad
Wireless Communication (WiFi, Bluetooth, Radio)

Getting Started with ESP32 (WiFi & BLE)

ESP8266 NodeMCU  (Tutorial) (Firmware)

NodeMCU Documentation

Network of Nodes with LoRa Shield

LoRa: Build your own gateway

LoRa: Changing Frequency

HC-05 Bluetooth Module

Infrared Remote Protocol Translator (Arduino Nano)

Microcontroller Specific

FreeRTOS on STM32F4-Discovery

STM32F4 IDE Setup using Atollic TrueStudio (free)

Using the DMA controller for STM32 microcontrollers (useful when using multiple serial protocols at once)

STM32 Tutorials (PWM, I2C, UART…)

STM32 External Interrupts Tutorial

ESP32 Free RTOS Guide


Programming Arduino in pure C

Arduino on the command line

A small Arduino Library for writing to an SD card (Less than 8 KB)

Library for using GPIO pins as UARTs

Tutorial on Watchdog Timers for Arduino

SCPI commands with Arduino:

SCPI commands Tutorial  

 (SCPI library) 

Raspberry Pi

Adding a GPS module to the Raspberry Pi using a TTL adapter or a UART

Set WiFi network up on Raspberry Pi via the Command Line

Using I2C on the Raspberry Pi (Compass Module)

Enable Headless SSH On First Raspberry Pi Boot

MATLAB & Microcontrollers

Generate Code for STM32 MCUs using MATLAB & Simulink

Interfacing Arduino with MATLAB

Serial Port Devices

Hardware Hacking

Tutorial on Firmware Extraction

Audio Engineering Club (AEC) 

If someone is interested in the AEC club or has  questions visit their cool website!



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