Welcome to the Embedded System’s CoP 2019/2020 Edition!

The first meeting will be Wed 10/16 @ 2pm in DB 211.

This first meeting will cover the following:

  • What a CoP is and the structure for this term
  • Explanation of requirements in relation to the ECE 44x
  • Overview of website
  • Open forum
    • What do you want out of this CoP?
    • What kind of events do you think would be exciting and/or helpful?
  • What I hope you take-away from this CoP

This first meeting will be fairly administrative, but informational! The rest of the meetings/events over the course of the term will be much more topic related and engaging. If you can’t make the first meeting, look for updates on this blog or the Slack channel, and a follow-up email myself or one of the other TA’s.

Hope to see you there! 

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