I got a job, how this CoP helped me this year, and advice for next years CoPES group.

Hey everyone! I hope your senior project went well! I just wanted to drop a post about a few things real quick.

First, I uploaded a quick help guide to how to get a job after school. Just some insights into my job hunting process that got me a very competitive job for the area with great pay, benefits, and starting bonus relative to the national norms. It’s on my page, take a look if you’d like.

Second, this CoP is kind of a neat concept. Meeting up several times this term and the workshop I was able to make was awesome! Just the discussions we had about Jacob’s project that he has going on, as well as talking to other students about their issues and the fun they have with microcontrollers was fun! It also motivated me to take what I know and apply it with what I learned in CoPES.

Finally, for next years group, much like anything else out there, you’re going to get back what you put into this. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do in this CoP, but I knew my senior project was going to involve an MC right from the get go, so I chose this CoP. I did learn a few little things that helped, but one of the main parts it helped was actually knowing that I was not the only one with struggles, and that it was normal to need help figuring things out sometimes! It also motivated to look into something I hadn’t before: I’m a big MATLAB fanboy, and it turns out there are a ton of modules out there for using MATLAB to flash quite a few MC’s. The thought of using a simulink module to  program something has a ton of potential! I hope anyone coming into this CoP has as much fun as I did!

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