Meeting 4-17-19

Hey everyone,

In this meeting we will discuss the schedule this term, course requirements, and provide time for discussing projects and fun things.

Schedule this term

  • Two or three workshops (in-depth interrupts, one-wire, application specific projects, etc)
    • We can buy new microcontrollers to play with as well as any sensors, etc. (ESP, STM32)
    • Week 6, Week 8 are good options
  • One or two open-ended meetings
    • Week 8?
  • Relevant Colloquiums:
    • May 6 – Robust Computing Systems: From Today to the N3XT 1,000X
    • May 13 – Integrated circuit design to enable highly miniaturized wireless sensing systems

Course requirements (seniors)

  • Attend 2 meetings and/or workshops
  • Attend 1 additional workshop and/or colloquium
  • Participate in the slack
  • Mentors (need to make this more helpful)


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