Event Planning 11/20

Tuesday (11/20) at 6:00 pm is the final Embedded CoP meeting. We will use the time to plan events for next term. Please bring a laptop and some ideas about events that you would like to organize for next term! If you can’t make it at that time, please add your input via Slack by the end of the week (11/23).
For senior design students, this is required to get credit for your professional development assignment.

Senior design students:

As a reminder, this is what you all need to do in order to get credit for your professional development assignment:
  • Attend most meetings (at least 2) – I keep track of this
  • Generate some online content (website and/or Slack posts) – if you directly edit the website, let me know via Slack
  • Correspond with a mentor (academic, industry, or student if applicable) – send me evidence of correspondence via Slack (directly to me, not just in general)
  • Add portfolio to the website – include at minimum a brief bio, skills, and resume
  • Complete member survey – I will send this out after our final meeting via email
  • Participate in an event/project – participate in the event planning on 11/20 or via Slack by 11/23
If you have been participating in meetings this term, you should be on track! If you have any questions, message me or come see me in office hours.
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