Windows Kernel Continued

Hey all, there are a couple of useful tutorials related to Windows Kernel drivers and applications. These cover some basics of the drivers and have a similar tutorial to the one I ran, just for Windows 8 rather than 10. The drivers here are pretty simple and give a good overview of the environment.

ESP32 Web Server

Hi all,

Here is a basic tutorial on how to setup a web server on the ESP32 with arduino. It’s a great tutorial for an extremely basic webserver to turn on an LED and can be expanded upon to build a web server with more functionality.


ESP32 Web Server – Arduino IDE

Building an App Using Xamarin.Forms

Hi all,

If anyone is interested in building an app, a useful way of doing it is by utilizing Xamaring.Forms on Visual Studio. This has an emulator that allows you to see how the app looks on either an Android or Apple device. A link with all this information can be found here. Note that behind the scenes, C# use will be necessary.

Hi All,

This tutorial will give some initiate those who would like to know more about shell scripting.

First meeting – Winter term

Hello everyone!

The first meeting in winter term for the Cloud and Application Software Community of Practice will be happening Wednesday, January 30th at 4.30 PM in Dearborn 211!

Password Hashing with Python

Improper password storage can leave a website vulnerable to data breaches, so it’s very important for developers to employ proper security when handling user data. For passwords, it’s hashing.

Here is a great tutorial I’ve seen that outlines some basics about hashing compared to encryption, and provides an example of how to implement the latest hashing algorithms in your next Python script. I personally enjoyed being able to write a script in just a few minutes that allowed me to see what hashing looks like, and the effects that things like salting a hash has on the end result.

Question Regarding CSS and HTML Content

While working on my local host site, I came across a template that, aside from the HTML file, had a CSS file. Is there any way to embed this onto the HTML file I already have? The reason I ask is because when I open up my localhost site on a browser, the formatting is wrong due to the fact that there are missing format instructions. In other words, it is only opening the HTML file and not including the CSS. If there’s no way to embed it, is there a way to allow the localhost to pull the information needed from the CSS file?