Trenton Kilgore

Table of Contents

  1. Biography
  2. Resume
  3. Contributions



I am currently a Junior at Oregon State University working towards a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a focus on power and energy systems. In Junior Design I am working on a Bluetooth AC switch for a final project with two other classmates. I also have a undergraduate research assistant position in the Power Systems lab under Dr. Yue Cao. So far in my research position I have learned more about circuit layout techniques then applied them to a PCB that will be used in one of the ECE classes here on campus.


In my free time I enjoy traveling with my girlfriend, hiking and working on cars. I also recently joined the Beaver Racing team here on campus and plan to help develop the Electric car they will be making for competition next year.





  1. Helped create a word document to help community members become familiar with Cadence.
  2. Currently in the process of setting up a tour at PGE.


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