Jackson Metz

About Me

I am a Senior at Oregon State University and will be graduating in the spring of 2019. I mainly focused on digital design in my time here, but I am quite familiar with analog and power systems as well. I’m from Boise, Idaho and was recently hired to work at Micron Technology following graduation. Below is a link to my portfolio.

Portfolio:  Jackson_Metz_Portfolio

Throughout my time at Oregon State, I’ve had to work on many projects related to analog and power systems. I’ve listed some of my more important contributions to projects I’ve been a part of below. At the bottom of the page, I have also given a small summary of my involvement with Micron.

Senior Design: Lighting Control System

The Lighting Control System is a product that allows users to dim and brighten up to 12 lights from a website interface. I am responsible for creating the actual circuits that dim the light bulbs. The circuits take input from wall power and an Arduino, which controls how dim each bulb should be. The circuit outputs AC power to the bulb, turning it on the the desired brightness.

Each circuit uses optocouplers to isolate the low power Arduino signal from the high power coming from the wall. We used a zero-crossing circuit to sense when the AC waveform crossed zero. When it did, an interrupt would be sent to the Arduino. The Arduino would then send a PWM waveform matching the AC frequency. At the zero crossing point, the PWM wave would turn off. We would wait a set amount of time and turn it back on. Controlling the duty cycle allowed us to control the bulb brightness. A triac was used to limit current flowing into the light bulb.

Junior Design: Self-Charging Robot

In Junior Design, my team had to make a robot that could perform some task autonomously, and when the battery ran low, it would move to a charging station and charge itself. I had to design the power supply for the robot and the charging station. The power supply ended up being a NIMH battery that could power our robot for at least 10 minutes. I found a battery charger online that would be sufficient for my battery.

Contributions to the COP

WINTER TERM: I posted a Cadence tutorial and some information about optocouplers to the resources page. Overall, I have attended 2 meetings, and I went on the tour of the on-campus reactor.

SPRING TERM: I posted information to the Resources page. I specifically posted the links “Triacs” and “Filters Using Op-Amps”. I had to use triacs in my senior design project and had no idea what they were, so I figured everyone else might want this information too. For the filters link, I know in one of our meetings we discussed filters, so it felt appropriate to provide general information about them. For this term in the COP, I have attended 2 meetings, I am corresponding with the same mentor from last term (Don Gathman), and I will be attending the guest lecture for Dr. ECS.

Micron Employment

As mentioned above, I was hired to work at Micron Technology. I was actually an intern there for the past two summers, so I already have quite a bit  of experience. My official title will be “DRAM Product Engineer” as I will be working with Micron’s DRAM parts on the Silicon Strategy team. If anyone wants to talk about Micron or needs help understanding memory, I am willing to talk for a bit.



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