Byran Toombs

Table of Contents:

  1. Biography
  2. Contributions to the CoP
  3. Project Arifacts for Senior Design
  4. Resume



Hello, my name is Byran Toombs and my focus area is in Energy & Power Systems. Having an innate interest in the environment, I’m hoping to work somewhere in the field of renewable energy upon graduation. During my time at Oregon State University I’ve acquired a fundamental understanding of power supply design and I’ve gained a very practical understanding of AC-DC and DC-DC power converters.

Contributions to the CoP:

~Fall 2018~

  • Provided Application Notes for Buck Converter, Boost Converter, and Inverted Buck-Boost Converter under the Resources tab
  • Added a link to Texas Instrument’s WEBENCH Power Designer Tool
  • Provided subject headings & Organized contents under the Resources tab

~Winter 2019~

  • Shared a video resource that explains how switching converters operate.
  • Reorganized Past Events under the Events tab

~Spring 2019~

  • Contributed to the “PCB Hints and Tips” document
Project Artifacts for Senior Design:

I’m with Team 18 and we’re building a 4-Output Programmable Power Supply w/ bidirectional sequencing. A link to my team’s website has been provided above. There is where you’ll find my team’s project artifacts.


The following link will direct you to my resume: Toombs, B


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