Benjamin Kawasaki

Table of Contents:

  1. About Me
  2. Resume
  3. Project Artifacts
  4. COP Contributions/Responsibilities


About Me:


My name is Benjamin Kawasaki, and I am a senior with a focus in power systems. In the past, I have worked as a TA for the Oregon State Physics Department and an intern at Lam Research. Next Summer and Fall, I will be working as an intern at Eaton Corporation on buck and boost converters that will be used in electric cars.



Link to Benjamin’s resume


My Senior Design Project:

This year, I am working on a team developing a smart power strip. This power strip will have DC voltage channel options at varying voltages in addition to traditional AC outlets. Power drawn through these outlets will be measured and reported to a website that users may access over the Internet. Additional project information is contained in the links below:

Link to original client project request

Link to project website (contains up-to-date information on project status, plans, and relevant artifacts and design documents)


COP Contributions/Responsibilities:

In the Analog and Power COP, I manage the Resource page, verifying that added resources are in relevant and useful additions to the page. Additionally, I have posted resources supplied by instructors for high-side switches, ST microelectronics presentations, regulating 120VAC power.

In Winter 2019, I have edited the group’s tutorial on using Cadence. I have also attended Dr. ECS’ lecture on his prospective new class, Energy Access and Equity.

During Spring 2019, I added and edited the group’s tutorial document for the PCB design process. I also scheduled and oversaw Dr. ECS’ follow-up lecture on the design and impact of wave-energy generation.

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