Welcome to the Analog and Power Systems Community of Practice!  The intent of this COP is to create a community to bring students interested in analog and power applications of electrical engineering together and to connect them to important resources.  Since this is the first year that the COP is active, members will have the exciting opportunity of helping to create a lasting and important resource and organization for future students.  Throughout the term, members will help to organize technical lectures, host and participate in outreach events, spearhead projects related to their interests, and build their own personal skills and resume; all while receiving professional development credits for senior design.  Team members will also be able to help interface existing clubs, courses, labs, and mentors together to create a comprehensive directory of analog and power resources.  Overall, the COP will be a fun time and a professional boon for those who get involved, and a lasting gift to future students.  Looking forward to working with you all.
— Josh Thelen

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