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Apr 07 2011

Corvallis Earth Connect

Love the environment? Love volunteering? Well, I have the perfect event that will allow you to get involved in our community. Corvallis Earth Connect is an event the Community Service Center is putting on in conjunction with the City of Corvallis on April 16th to celebrate Earth Day. The event starts out at Avery Park at 10am with a procession of volunteer stations doing environmental work through Avery and Pioneer Park. At the same time the Corvallis Farmer’s Market is opening for business this season downtown. There will also be an Earth Fair and Parade downtown as well. We would LOVE for you to come but more importantly we would LOVE for you to VOLUNTEER at this event. Particularly, we need volunteers, especially groups, to run the stations along Avery Park. If interested please contact the CSC at 541 737 3041 or email Nate Bodie at

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Apr 06 2011

Tool Lending Library

Hey Beavers!

Love tools? Are you a born leader? Do you organize projects well? Well then I have the opportunity for you!
Habitat for Humanity of Corvallis is looking to establish a tool lending library within their ReStore center. They are looking for 1-2 great students set up all the processes and procedures to get this going, work with our ReStore Director to select the tools and prepare the initial marketing information for the launch. It would require between 20 and 30 hours in research and implementation work done at your convenience over a period of a few months. This can be done by one person or a two person team.

Interested? Of course you are! Habitat would even hire an intern to do this work. If you want more information please contact the Community Service Center at 541 737 3041 or email

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Jan 19 2010

A Day For Equality & Community | MLK, Jr. 2010 Celebration

For us here at the Community Service Center we were excited to see a story about one of the MLK, Jr. celebration events, that we co-sponsored this year, on the front page of the Gazette Times today.

Community Honors MLK Jr.
Lessons in equality

By Raju Woodward, Gazette-Times Reporter | Posted: Tuesday, January 19, 2010 1:00 am

Lucy VanTress, 3, and brother Willie, 2, collaborate on painting a bowl Monday morning at the Native American Longhouse as part of the Kids for Equality events for Martin Luther King Day. (Jesse Skoubo/Gazette-Times)

Lucy VanTress, 3, and brother Willie, 2, collaborate on painting a bowl Monday morning at the Native American Longhouse as part of the Kids for Equality events for Martin Luther King Day. (Jesse Skoubo/Gazette-Times)

Lucy VanTress eagerly took her paintbrush and splashed a bold mixture of colors all over her ceramic bowl.

Smiling and laughing, the 3-year-old was clearly enjoying herself Monday afternoon, as she received an early lesson about fighting inequality. The timing of her lesson was a fitting one for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, which has been a federally recognized holiday since 1986.

VanTress was one of nine children participating in a “Kids for Equality” event at the Native American Longhouse at Oregon State University. The children, who were ages 2 to 12, painted bowls to be donated to OSU’s 2010 “Empty Bowls” dinner award banquet, scheduled for March. Empty Bowls is a nationwide campaign that aims to help feed the hungry.

“She understands that some people don’t have as much food as she does,” said Lucy’s mother, Courtney VanTress. “This helps bring up things that wouldn’t be parts of normal conversations for her.”

The event at the Native American Longhouse was one of several scheduled Monday at OSU to celebrate King’s birthday, which was Friday. Other events included a peace breakfast, birthday party, a candlelight vigil and a round table discussion. Events will continue throughout this week on campus as part of OSU’s 28th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration.

Yesenia Chavez, the Associated Students of Oregon State University multicultural affairs director, said this was the second year the longhouse hosted an event for kids.

“His philosophies and ideas connected people and have impacted us all,” Chavez said. “So it’s always fun to have kids here and share those things with them.”

Off campus, Benton County residents participated in various community service events Monday to honor King’s legacy, such as showing up at Willamette Park in the morning to help clear ivy from Trillium Trail. Since 1995, Martin Luther King Day has also been known as King Day of Service.

Back at the longhouse, Kristine Hong, 12, was putting the finishing touches on her bowl, which had the letters “H-E-L-L-O” wrapped around it, followed by a peace symbol.

Her slow, deliberate pace illustrated the pride she was taking in her work, which Hong attributed to the fact that her bowl was going toward a good cause.

“It’s great to be helping someone,” Hong said. “Dr. King is a hero to me because he tried to help people, too.”

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Jan 14 2010

210 Peace Corps Volunteers Called Oregon Home In 2009

Peace Corps volunteer numbers soar in Corvallis
Town finishes second per capita, Oregon finishes fifth in number of volunteers nationwide in 2009

By: Ryan Gunderson

Posted: 1/13/10

The Daily Barometer

The Peace Corps recently announced the top volunteer-producing metropolitan areas and states in 2009. The greater Corvallis area was ranked as second in volunteers per capita, finishing only behind Ithaca, N.Y.

In Corvallis, 11.0 out of every 100,000 citizens volunteered in the Peace Corps in 2009, working in one of the 76 countries currently being occupied. The city of Corvallis had 52,950 residents as of 2003, according to a survey conducted by the Oregon Secretary of State.

“A lot of it has to do with having a university in the town,” said Melanie Forthun, a Peace Corps public affairs specialist. According to the official website of the Peace Corps, 93 percent of volunteers are single or unmarried, which also describes many college students at OSU.

The state of Oregon finished fifth in per capita in the ratings. Out of all current Peace Corps volunteers, 210 call Oregon home.

“The application process is not easy,” Forthun said. “It includes a written application and interview process, as well as legal and health background checks. Then we look into the education you have and how that could be useful in one of the places where the Peace Corps are currently in need of that service.”

The Peace Corps’ roots can be traced back to 1961 at the University of Michigan, where John F. Kennedy challenged Michigan students to serve their country in the cause of peace by living and working in developing countries. Since then, nearly 200,000 people have volunteered in 139 countries.

“Oregon State has great programs that correlate well with the Peace Corps’ mission, from health to education to the forestry program,” said Forthun. “In fact, OSU just joined the Peace Corps Master’s International program in the College of Forestry.”

The program, Master’s International, is more than 20 years old and already includes over 60 academic institutions nationwide, according to their official website. OSU graduate students in forestry can study in one of three new programs while also completing a 27-month service project in the Peace Corps, typically in Africa or Latin America, according to information from OSU.

David Zahler, a senior instructor in the College of Forestry at OSU, said in a press release that the Peace Corps has stated that forestry is area needing more help. The Peace Corps’ website also shows that agriculture and environment volunteer areas account for less than a quarter of the volunteering currently taking place.

For more information about the Peace Corps or Master’s International, visit the Peace Corps’ website at

Ryan Gunderson, staff writer

737-2231, © Copyright 2010 The Daily Barometer

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Jan 13 2010

Celebrating MLK Jr. Starts Tonight!

Come join the Community Service Center and the Corvallis community in a night of celebration for MLK Jr. Day. Our environmental coordinator, Kyle Ireton, will be speaking on behalf of the center with other local dignitaries, including Corvallis Mayor Charlie Tomlinson.

Snapshot 2010-01-13 10-19-26

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Nov 20 2009

Helping Shade Corvallis

Check out past weekend’s volunteer tree planting in downtown Corvallis! Awesome work. Don’t forget there are always opportunities to plant trees popping up so don’t hesitate to ask us. Video provided by the wonderful Alan Calvert.

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Nov 03 2009

Looking for “Arresting Officers” | MDA volunteer opportunity

Hey everyone there is a great (and fun!) volunteer opportunity coming up this Thursday, Nov. 5th, for The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). Sounds like a blast … Here are the details so check it out! If you are interested contact information is below:

What:Corvallis Lock-Up for MDA (jail themed fundraiser)

Need: 5-10 volunteers to act as “Arresting Officers” for our jail themed event

When: this Thursday, November 5th

Times: 8:30am until about 4pm (if you are not able to make it the entire day, please let me know and I can work around your schedule).

Where: El Sol de Mexico (1597 NW 9th St)

Info: Drivers/Arresting Officers- will meet Jenelle at El Sol de Mexico at 8:30am and will follow her to either Wilson Motors or John & Phil’s Toyota (they are donating cars for us to borrow).
Please bring valid driver’s license as the dealerships will need a copy of it. You will be given “arrest warrants” and maps to pick-up our jailbirds and bring them down to the jail cell at El Sol de Mexico. Once the jailbird has done their time, you will return them to their place of business. This job is a lot of fun and we ask that you make a big deal when you are arresting them!

Dress: Please feel free to wear what you are comfortable in, we will provide T-shirts for you

MDA: The Muscular Dystrophy Association is a volunteer health agency aimed at conquering neuromuscular diseases. The MDA provides local clinics and summer camps as well as wheelchair
repairs and leg braces to those affected with a form of Muscular Dystrophy.

Contact:If you are interested, please contact Jenelle Ehlers at 541-686-2753 or as soon as possible to confirm.

You can check out more information on MDA here:

Makenzie Marineau
Communications Coordinator
Community Service Center
Snell Hall 241
Oregon State University
Cell 541-404-0033

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Gandhi

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